Participant’s 20 years of cinema & changemaking

Participant reflects on 20 years of being the pioneer in the impact entertainment space. How has the company grown and adapted while remaining focused on its founding mission? What have been the biggest lessons over the years, the biggest triumphs and what keeps them excited as they move into the future?

This will focus on the company’s key differentiators, including the strong brand, partnerships, creator and distributor relationships, and campaign. Depending on the expected audience, we can dig more deeply into infrastructure and capital. Additionally we will look ahead to 2024 and highlight what’s next for us as the business evolves.


  • Ai-jen Poo, President, National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • David Linde, CEO, Participant 
  • Laura Kim, Executive Vice President, Campaigns & Engagement, Participant


Jan 21 2024


10:30 am - 11:30 am