How Do We Know These Efforts are Working? A Framework to Inform Narrative Change Investments

Narrative change has become something of a buzzword in philanthropic circles. Broadly, it refers to strategies that harness the power of narratives — in entertainment, in news, in movement spaces, and in the broader culture — to shift public mindsets and generate culture change toward equity and justice. However, many questions remain about how best to maximize the impact of entertainment-driven approaches. To begin to chip away at these ‘million dollar questions,’ the USC Norman Lear Center recently completed a two-year learning project, culminating in an evidence-based Strategic Investment Framework (currently in beta). The Framework distills 25 best practices that make narrative change efforts more likely to be successful. Join us for an interactive workshop introducing this Framework and a discussion of how it can be used to inform the development, funding, strategy, and implementation of narrative change efforts.


Erica Lynn Rosenthal, Director of Research, USC Norman Lear Center


Jan 21 2024


1:15 pm - 2:15 pm