Strategic Conferences and Events with Lasting Impact

Caspian produces conference and event business plans that consider the long-term, delivering measurable results.

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Conferences and Events need long-term strategy. We help you create it.

We create a business plan not just for the first year of your event, but a plan for the next three years of your conference or event series.

Are your events overlooking key aspects of long-term strategy with a limited focus on logistics?

No understanding of your broader organizational goals

No methodology to create the project plan

No discussion of resourcing after the event

No long term strategy

Experience Caspian

With over 15 years of event strategy and execution, we will turn your goals into tangible events, and deliver measurable outcomes.

Proven Methodology

Your events will follow our 10-Essentials methodology that aligns your goals with a project plan.

Successful Strategy

From organizational goals to the events that fulfill them, we’ll provide measurable results.

Knowledge & Experience

Enjoy seamless project execution with a team that excels in planning, coordination, and implementation

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We know how frustrating it can be to have a partner who doesn’t understand your bigger goals or your organizational ecosystems, let alone execute flawlessly.

An event is just one touchpoint in a customer or stakeholder journey. Seeing it as a journey enables us to work with you on a long-term strategy.

But most event companies only care about the event they are hired to do. Not us. We care about the larger objective you are trying to achieve.

How We Work


Through a 30 minute consultation, we get to know your goals and needs.

Review Your Plan

Utilizing our time-tested 10-step process, we will deliver a strategic plan.

go live

We execute your event and measure success based on the goals set. Or we hand the plan off to your internal team.

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Caspian Production

We offer white glove, comprehensive event production and à la carte services, from the big picture down to the smallest detail.

We map and manage every step of production, from idea to delivery. Our tested and proven methodology, the Caspian 10 Essentials™, provides a systematic path through the event labyrinth, ensuring strategic, creative and logistical rigor.

Expertise is our priority. We recruit individuals with a rich background, producers and project managers with  10+ years in the field.

Heather Mason Headshot

Heather Mason


Heather has been named MeetingsNet’s 2020 Changemaker, Top 50 Women in Events by LASSO’s 2020 and Top 500 Event Producers of 2018 by BizBash

At Caspian Agency, we understand your desire to lead, convene, and drive ROI using events as a strategic tool.

The problem is most event firms are logistics only which makes you feel like you are missing out on potential growth.

We believe that strategy and logistics must go hand in hand. We know events are time consuming and expensive which is why we have created an efficient and proven 10-step methodology designed to cut costs, save time, and yield real results.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We analyze your current or planned event
  2. We then review the goals you have for your audience ratios and your goals
  3. We create a roadmap with resources and timeline to get there

So, contact us today for a ½ hour consultation so you can stop working with order takers and instead join forces with a strategic partner.